A hex on Dex.

I must apologize for the obscene length of yesterday's post. I was all riled up about the TV thing there for a minute. But the rest of our trip to Maui was fabulous. Spent lots of time laying on the beach and by the pool sipping cocktails, went snorkeling and boogie boarding, drove most of the coastal highway and took in the sights, and ate lots of wonderful, if pricey, local foods. I must say, however, that Maui is a helluva lot more touristy than I had envisioned. It reminded me a lot of California, actually. I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit, but I'll likely stick with Mexico for future vacations centered on beach/water activities. And that's all I have to say about that.


Can someone please tell me why the hell, in this, the year 2006, we still get telephone books delivered to our homes? The H and I come home to find new books on the porch every 6 months or so and I know we're not the lone victims of this papery assault. Who even uses phone books anymore, other than the elderly and my mother (who drives around with a dog-eared copy of the yellow pages in her car at all times)? It's a total waste of paper, and a nuisance to recycle. Would it be that difficult to ask folks if they need a replacement phone book before foisting such a ridiculous quantity of useless paper upon them? Just wondering.


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Shmeder said...

I was thinking that very same thing a few weeks ago when a book ended up on my doorstep.

Yes, Maui is wonderful. I love snorkeling and found it better in Maui than in Mexico. I could have gone to the wrong places in Mexico though. Did you snorkel the fishbowl? It's past Weileia (sp?) and simply amazing!

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Rosie said...

I'll tell you who still uses a phone book: Kim. A few months ago she was given the task of calling some local businesses and just about had a hernia over the lack of a current phone book in the office.

We were like, what do you need a phone book for? USE THE INTERNET.

If you'll notice, during downtime, she never surfs the net like all the other secretaries. She was even confused about what "to Google" meant.

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