Slip sliding away.

So yeah, we're snowed in. 3 days and counting. I realize how much I love living in an old, walkable neighborhood at times like this. Need a shovel? Just walk a couple blocks to the ACE. Need milk? Well, hop on down to Papa's Grocery. I can't imagine what the suburbanites are doing now....probably suffering from a major case of cabin fever. That, or desperately trying to maneuver their SUVs over 2 feet of snow to the local Walmart.

Anywho. If I were a good little blogger, I'd have been dutifully documenting the "blizzard of 2006" for y'all. But alas, I am no such thing (hence the 10 day lapse in posts). Instead, I'm hanging with the H and the kitties on the couch, all cozy and warm, watching shitty television and eating way too much cheese. We did venture out a few times (beer runs), and here's some proof:

There has been many a time when I've thought about closing the proverbial doors on In the Swim. It has kind of become a source of stress for me and there's no real reason it should be. When I've gotten discouraged, I've told myself that this whole blogging thing is a good exercise in self-discipline. A good way to make myself "produce" little tidbits of writing here and there, and that even if they're pointless and cobbled together, I'm at least writing something. The problem is that I write all day long - I "produce" all day long...for The Man. And I'm burnt out, or at least burning.

So, anyway, I'm alive and well and shit. Just not feelin' like a "blogger" and a little disenchanted with all the contests and categorizations and such. I can't really figure out why I started doing this in the first place, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an attempt for any modicum of intArweb fame, or even readership. So, really, what's the point?

I'm blabbing, so I shall go fix myself my 43rd Captain & Coke of the last couple days and watch some Dr. Phil or something.

Hope all is well wherever you, my loyal half-dozen readers, may be and that your holidays are filled with food, friends and copious amounts of the adult beverage of your choice.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Yay! You posted!

It's a Hanukkah miracle :-)

At 12:00 AM, Blogger Howard said...

I hear ya. Glad you're doing well though. Just helped a fella get his car out of the alleyway around your neighborhood. At least, I think it's around the Videotique area. :)

At 12:09 AM, Anonymous hubs said...

i'm drunk.

i've been blogging since 2002ish (http://iloveyoutoo.blogspot.com/) and have found if your doing for anyone other than yourself your doing it for the wrong reasons.

i've gone fron eh fuckit.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger i know, i can smell it said...

Kath - happy hanukkah! sorry your travel plans were thwarted by the snow!

howard - thanks...i read about you getting stuck in this hood the other day too! good thing those handsome young men were there to come to your aid ;)

hubs - this is true...i'm not doing this for anyone else, of that I'm certain - just don't know what i'm getting out of it for myself anymore!


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